Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 9th Exhibit Opening on Video

Click here to view the video: Raz Raz Raz 2 & Women Growing Wings

Raz Raz Raz 2 & Women Growing Wings is an exhibit that runs from May 9 through June 14 at The Artists Union Gallery in Ventura.

Raz Raz Raz 2 features works by the Raz family, Sylvia, Alan and Karyn

Women Growing Wings in the upstairs gallery was jurored by Patti Post and Jill Sattler and was curated by Laurie Pegg-Scott.

Exhibit Associated Upcoming Events:

Saturday May 23 at 7pm “Women with Wings” Poetry Reading
hosted by Marsha de la O
Featuring: Joyce Lombard, Polly Bee, Enid Osborn, Mary Scott, Christina Paiges, Ellen, Doris Vernon, Tree Bernstein, Roe Estep, Shelley Savren, Judy Oberlander, Luzma, Friday, Cathryn Andreson, Maggie Westland, Glenna Luschei, Nereyda de la O, Elnora McNaughton…

Saturday May 30th, Joan Peters, professor of literature at Channel Islands University and author of two women’s books: When Mothers Work and Not Your Mother’s Life. She will discuss her books and how women are affected by the issues in her books.

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